This book made me want to scream, but I couldn’t put it down. It definitely lived up to the fame, but I don’t think I will be watching the movie. Have you ever seen the Netflix series Jane The Virgin? Well the plot of that show has nothing to do with the plot of this book, but I was reminded of Jane The Virgin while reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette because I was so stressed out the whole time and all these outrageous things kept happening that prevent everyone from being happy and I couldn’t stand  most of the characters at first. That was my experience reading Maria Semple’s book and I think that is what she wanted. 

Semple’s writing was brilliant and I love that it is written in the perspective of the daughter, Bee, trying to find out what happened to her mom. Bee was by far my favorite character because she is so smart and sassy (like her mom) and Bernadette was a close second. She is a little extra and would probably benefit from talking to a therapist (who isn’t and who wouldn’t?) but I think she is wildly misunderstood by everyone except her daughter. 

I wanted to throat punch the neighbor, Audrey, though. For most of the book she was a total Karen. No other way to describe her. However, don’t even get me started on Elgin, Bernadette’s husband. He was probably my least favorite character. A top level Microsoft employee and completely aloof and distant  when it came to his family. Also, he never really owned up to his part in anything and he EFFED up. A LOT. 

All that said, I clearly became very invested in this book and in my favorite characters coming out on top. This is one reason why I stopped reading fiction as much. I get so wrapped up in the story it threatens my grasp on reality. However, I am trying to mix things up this year with my book choices and see what I learn and I wanted to read this book because it was about Seattlie-ites and I did live there for 6-7 weeks. Also, I moved there from California just like Bernadette and my husband works for Microsoft just like Elgin. He is NOTHING like Elgin though. Thank the Lord for that. 

Anyway, I had heard a lot about this book and I am glad I read it. I learned some things about architecture, Antarctica and not to mention all the little factoids that Bee shares because she is such a smarty pants.