“If diversity was easy, we wouldn’t have the problems that we’re confronted with today.”

I wanted more stories and I learned a lot from Trillia’s. This book wasn’t exactly what I expected and although it was mostly about racial diversity, there were parallels (either drawn by her or me) to other types of diversity that could be lacking in our churches.

I think we have all felt uncomfortable at times due to difference in age, gender, life stage, race, marital status, finances, career paths, personality…the list goes on.

My big takeaway from this book was that Trillia didn’t give up on her church just because things were challenging. I am sure she thought about it, but she decided to stay and see God work.

“While it might have looked as though I was discontented, I wasn’t. I loved my church and I wasn’t looking for a different congregation. I didn’t want to flee my church as my desire for diversity grew - that action would only make it less diverse. I wasn’t grumbling about these unmet desires. I plunged into church life and became an active member. I loved the people there and I wanted to wait on the Lord to bring more diversity.”