So this book was fascinating. My life decisions to never go skydiving or scuba diving were affirmed and I did skip the chapter on How To Deliver A Baby in A Taxi because, let’s be real, I do not want to know how to do that.

Here are 15 survival tips I learned:

You can float in quicksand.

Snakes can strike at a distance of half their length.

Sharks are most sensitive to pain in their eyes and gills.

Annual risk of death from lightening is 30 times greater than from a shark attack.

Alligators often open their mouths when trapped or punched on the snout and may drop whatever they have in their jaws.

Bulls react to and move toward movement, not color.

Absorbing a punch with your obliques will cause less damage to internal organs.

If you ever need to jump from a bridge into a river, basically do a pencil jump and dont forget to clench your butt so water doesn’t rush in and cause internal damage. 😳

There are several types of bomb detection devices that are portable and inexpensive.

Do not thaw frostbite if the area is at risk of refreezing.

Blood vessels between the double bones in the lower arm and leg will continue to bleed despite the use of a tourniquet.

Some data indicates that pure granulated sugar poured into a penetrating wound can decrease bleeding, promote clotting and discourage bacteria.

Widely recognized distress signals: three whistle blasts (or gunshots) and three fires in a triangle.

Use a freestyle swim motion to try and stay on top of the snow if caught in an avalanche.

To figure out how far away a storm is you ARE supposed to count the seconds between lightening and thunder, but then ALSO divide that number by 5