“Don’t let what you think they think of you  make you stop and question everything you are.”

It’s crazy to think how young Carrie Fisher was when they filmed the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV). When I first watched the original trilogy a couple decades later, she seemed so grown up. Taking on Darth Vader and saving the galaxy and all. 

This book was a lot of things: A tell (almost) all about her affair with Harrison, a coming of age story in the world of entertainment, and a memoir of her search for identity when, forty years later, people still wanted her to be the young, galactic princess, Leia Organa.

One thing I really enjoyed was her writing. When she wrote this book in 2016 and back when she was a 19 year old on the set of a film no one expected to break records. She shares pages from her diary kept during the filming of Episode IV and one thing she said hit home for me too.

“I’m afraid if I stop writing, I’ll stop thinking and start feeling. I can’t concentrate when I’m feeling. I try to put the feelings into thoughts or words, but it always seems to come in disjointed sweeping statements.”