This book about the persecuted church was HEAVY. The stories told here are things that I don’t want to believe actually happen in the world, but I have been to some of the counties mentioned in this book and the stories I heard from the people I met are similar. 

This book challenged me to think about how I am living out my faith in a country where the cost of being a Christian is low. It cost the people in this book EVERYTHING, but they consider it a bargain.

Favorite quotes: “They get thrown in prison, we build our own, walling ourselves in with our material possessions and boxing up our hearts with our greed. Eventually we can barely feel our faith anymore, while our persecuted brothers and sisters have only their faith to feel.”

“Is Jesus your security blanket or is he your life?”

The Author: Johnnie Moore is on the White House Faith Advisory Council and wrote the book Defying ISIS as well as this book.