The first “C” I ever received in school was in Spanish 4 my Junior year. Why? My friend Jessie and I would pass notes back and forth with office quotes on them instead of paying attention. 😂

It had been a minute since I read a celeb bio and it was interesting to read about Rainn’s early life and acting/spiritual journey. It got so good, however, in the last 5 chapters (when he talked about The Office, obvi) but also learning about his website SoulPancake and the foundation he and his wife started to help Haitian women and girls find their voice. 💜

The last chapter was called “10 Things I Know For Sure” and he challenged readers to make their own list so below is mine. Disclaimer: I am dead serious about some of these, while just being goofy with others. I trust you can tell the difference. 

**1. I am loved more than I will ever fully understand, by Jesus, who died to save me. **He sees the depths of my heart, even the broken and twisted parts, and loves me the same.

**2. Everyone should marry someone who is truly their best friend. **I know it sounds cliche, but I’m serious and I don’t necessarily mean that if you have an existing best friend, you should definitely marry them. What I do mean is that the things that are true of your relationship with a best friend should also be true of your relationship with your spouse. The person you can tell anything, trust with your life. enjoying talking to more than anyone else.

**3. Baseball is the BEST sport ever invented. ** ⚾ Okay, okay. this is a matter of preference. However, baseball IS unique. It is the only sport where the defense has the ball. It is also suspenseful. I have seen teams close 10 run gaps in one inning. I have also seen teams be down to their last strike (sometimes multiple times) and end up winning the game.

**4. The STL Cardinals are the BEST baseball team in the world. Yep, the WORLD. **I may be biased, but hear me out. They have 30 playoff appearances, hold 13 Central Division Titles, 19 NL Pennants and of the 19 World Series appearances, they won 11. Second only to the Yankees in WS wins. The Cardinals have been consistently good since their first playoffs in 1926 (when they also won their first World Series) to their most recent playoffs on 2020. I have heard interviews with several former cardinals who have also played for many other teams and they always say they liked playing in St Louis the best. Probably has something to do with the fans. Standing Os and curtain calls are given generously at Busch Stadium. Even for former Cardinals now playing for other teams.

**5. 2 + 2 always = 4 ** It shouldn’t need to be said, but this is now the world we live in. A world where basic mathematical principles are considered an attack on leftist ideals. However, are our calculators racist? If you plug 2+2 into your phone calculator does it say that equals something other than 4? Does this mean you phone’s operating system was created by some white supremacist’s software company? Was it Apple?

**6. You shouldn’t believe everything you read on social media or the news. **Online media has become more manipulative than ever before and that is true of news sources controlled by both sides of the political spectrum. I would suggest Epoch News or ‘MericaNow! if you are interested in facts based news reporting.

**7. The best leaders are the most humble ones. ** Good leaders admit when they are wrong. Good leaders are honest with but do not burden those they lead with things that are not actionable for them. Good leaders do not just bark orders, but they jump down in the trenches to fight alongside those they lead.

**8. Blonde hair is my jam. **I tried being a brunet and a redhead. Blonde is best.

**9. Everyone who has the opportunity to move to a new state, should. If you don’t like it, move back. ** Moving is a hassle and moving out of state is an ordeal. I am sure no one reading this is inclined to move somewhere only to turn around and come back. It takes 1-2 years, in my experience to become familiar with a new state. When I moved to California, it took at least two years for it to feel like home and I ended staying another 6 years after that. The transition was not easy, but I have always said that moving to California was on of the best decisions I have ever made. Also, I met the love of my life in California!

**10. Everyone should figure out their Enneagram number. **Yes, I am one of those EnneaNerds who tries to type people in her head. I am wrong a lot, though. I think the Enneagram is interested and helpful. Discovering I am a 9 has helped me more easily recognize my bad habits and patterns and counteract those by leaning into the good qualities I know I have as a 9. The Enneagram also helps me understand people better.