All. The. Feels. Kristin Hannah has a way of evoking so many emotions with the beautiful words of her book, Firefly Lane. At the heart of the story is the unlikely friendship between two girls that started when they were 14 and continued well into their audit lives. From the insecurities of adolescence to the freedom of college life and eventually the tension of pursuing a career versus raising a family, they went through it all together. 

TullyandKate were inseparable, even when life pulled them in different directions. Tully, the passionate, career driven dreamer who had a hard time believing in love and Kate, the hopeless romantic whose only dream was to fall in love and raise a family. I have been in both of those boats at different points of my own life as I am sure most women have. Their journey to figuring out who they were and who they wanted to be was at times endearing and other times heartbreaking to read. 

It has been a while since I read a fiction book that was so relatable on multiple levels and I love how it is broken up by decades (70s, 80s, 90s, New Millennium) with mention of the music, outfits and hairstyles to commemorate those eras. Hannah covers every friendship dynamic one could think of with the TullyandKate duo. Jealousy, competition, forgiveness and loyalty. 

This book was a wild ride of emotions and every chapter was an adventure. There are some triggers and some sections were difficult to get through, but overall it was a very touching book.