“A steadfast heart isn’t a dead heart; its a heart that’s pulsating with a vibrant, dynamic faith, God-centered thought, and redeemed emotions that bring life and color to every experience.”

This book addresses the idea of weary heartlessness and I have been thinking a lot about that this week. It is my natural disposition to want to preserve my own inner peace from the chaos of the world around me.

There is a lot of evil and suffering in the world; some of which I will never completely understand, but It is my hope and prayer that change is possible. According to Dorothy L. Sanders, “perfection is attained through the active and positive effort to wrench a real good out of a real evil.”

As we cry out for truth, justice, peace and comfort, whether that is through protest, posting on social media, engaging in hard conversations or educating ourselves, may we do all these things with “steadfast and immovable hearts”.💜